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Q - I just filled out my profile, but I don't want everyone in the world to know that I had a felony :-(.

A - No worries; The bottom part of your profile page is only viewable to employers, not to everyone else. Other students/graduates will only see the top of your profile page where your picture is located.

Q - I Just filled out my profile and I love how your site has included trade schools, but when I put in license, the profile listed License R.N instead of R.N. License. What do I do?

A - Yeah – We are very sorry about that and have received numerous inquirees in reference to this matter.  We are working on how those who have graduated from a trade school can better word their types of degrees, so please keep checking that particular box for an updated version.

Q - I'm trying to complete my profile, but I don't understand this session start/end input. Please explain Session Start/End?

A - Well, it could be used several ways.

1. - If you are currently enrolled, your session would be when classes started. So, let's say you are a sophomore for example, and classes started in August and ends in May of the following year, that would be your session.

2. - Let's say you are a freshman and you won't graduate for four more years and you really don't care about updating your sessions. You could start your session in August and end your session four years later. Example: August 2014 to May 2018 could be your session.

3. - Last way – If you graduated in 1975, for example, your session would have been August 1971 - May 1975.

Q - Why should I use collegegradsonline vs. other Employment Based Websites?

A - CollegeGradsOnline is more than just a job site; It is also a Social Networking Site EXCLUSIVELY for College Students and Graduates only which will allow you to keep track of On-Campus Events, Start Study Groups, and Post Pictures of College Memories that will last a lifetime, among other things.

Q - Why can’t I visit other college campuses? Why am I restricted to only my campus?

A - We came up with this concept to make your college experience special whether you live on campus or not. We have restricted your networking and socializing with other students to your campus; however, we are considering a VISIT OTHER CAMPUS FUNCTION so that you can see what's going on at other colleges, if it's not functioning already.

Q - Cool! This site is for college students/graduates only, but what if someone that is not a student/graduate registers.

A - Collegegradsonline will eventually remove a profile if their enrollment/graduation status can't be VERIFIED

Q - How do I get my profile Verified?

A - If you register using an .EDU E-Mail Address, CGO will VERIFY your profile. If you have already graduated and no longer have an .EDU Email Address, but have your degree or certificate, you may email a copy of it to and one of our staff members will verify your profile for you.

Q - Why can’t I be classmates with my family members?

A - You can if they are a college grad/student and are registered on the site. This site is only for college students/grads that are registered on the site.

Q - Is it guaranteed that I will land a job by registering a profile on this site?

A - No employment website could ever promise or guarantee results. This site like many others, as well as companies that are providing a service, can only state that by providing that service, your chances of accomplishing the goal is increased.

Q - Is this site only for college students and graduates in the U.S.?

A - As far as jobs and therefore companies registered, YES, it is only for U.S. students and graduates; other than that, yes, this site is global and accesible in approximately 40 countries which will allow those students and graduates to also register in order to post thier profile and social network.