Merging Social Networking with Job Searching for the Elite


Q - I graduated from college a long time ago, so how is this site going to help me?

A - Because as a college graduate, you will still be able to possibly reunite with college buddies/friends.

Q - I'm logged in, but there doesn't seem to be anyone else here.

A - Keep in mind that this is a relatively new platform, but also, there is only going to be a news feed once you connect with friends (Classmates) at your school, so once you sign up, make sure to get others at your particular school to do the same. Also, make sure you have entered the entire name of your school. (Example: University of Southern California should be inputted instead of USC) 

Q - I don't feel comfortable with companies browsing my profile; How do I know that they are legit?

Each company that is allowed access to browse our site gets verified before being granted access.

Q - What if I'm not looking for a job, but want to post a profile?

You can set your profile to Private which will make your page/profile unaccessible to employers.