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Unlike most job sites, Collegegradsonline is designated only for college students/graduates as its purpose is not only to find you employment, but also to provide a centralized  location for college students to meet and fellowship, as well as post pictures of college memories that will last a lifetime.

If your main reason for posting a profile is to find employment, CGO will allow companies to browse our database and contact you directly via personal message or phone call.  

The fact of the matter is that a lot of employers don’t post publicly for job openings as they mainly look to hire from within their own company. With a website such as this one at their fingertips, some employers will think twice before hiring internally, and therefore, search collegegradsonline before making a decision.

Also, a lot of companies hire what are called, “Head Hunters” who look for applicants with a desired or required skill set. Well, now Head Hunters can search this site and find YOU!! 

So post your profile and have fun doing it and yes, a mobile app is on the horizon

In the meantime, reach for the stars and enjoy your college experience at collegegradsonline!!

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    By posting your profile, employers can search our database of students and graduates for the best possible candidate to fill their position.

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    Post upcoming on-campus events such as parties or fundraisers so other students know about it.



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    Looking for other students taking the same tough course? CGO will allow you to start a study group with time, location and number to be in group.

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    Upload college memories that will last a lifetime and get COOL Ratings on all of your postings from other classmates.